Ideas of places

I have to admit – I didn’t like the idea of me living in UK. I don’t really know why. It was until I decided to give it a try and see what this country has to offer.
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Have you ever woken up and said: yes, I am where I want to be?

This is the moment.

Technological mumblings

Do you remember all the travel fuss when there were no apps, gadgets, google maps? When instead of smartphones we had dumb – phones? Too expensive calls or texts stopped you from sending too many messages. Sending just one at the beginning of the trip and then one in the end informing someone that you’re coming back. My mum’s response was: “so soon?!”

You came back home, meet your friends and told them stories, showed pictures. I many occasions I just invited my friends over, cooked dinner and we were catching up for the whole evening. You got to know what was going on in your hometown and people heard what was happening with you all this time.

Is there anymore need to meet? Facebook, Twitter, Watssup. I travel and see people spending most of the time on their laptops. It’s easier to stay in touch to share your experience straight away but on the other hand we forget to look around, enjoy the moment and spend some time with people we just met. It may not happen anymore and there is this small possibility that we just lost one chance to meet someone special. Someone who could change our live.  Continue reading


I never traveled just for seeing new place– to scratch them off of my to-see-list. I never had one. For me traveling is something different. I don’t like to just see places, I love to discover them. It’s an opportunity to meet people and see some incredible things they’re doing.

in 2013 I went to Jakarta and I had great luck to meet people from Association Intercultur. They organize really special city tours called Jakarta Hidden Tours. They don’t show magical places you normally would like to see but there is still some beauty in it.

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You can say what you want but travelling is not just one simple thing.  It depends on many outside factors and your own ability to learn and be independent. It’s harder to decide to travel more when your family, your friends are showing you that you’re doing the wrong thing. Standard life line is: finish education, find yourself a decent partner, find good job, get married, buy house, have kids.

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